How Domed Labels Can Help Improve Your Marketing Efforts

Domed Labels

Do you want your products to have labels that are not only eye-catching but are also memorable? Do you want your labels to help with your marketing efforts? Choosing the right kind of label for your products can easily improve how people perceive these and your brand, and one of the label types that can help you with this particular goal is the domed label.

Domed labels are labels that come with a plastic resin top coat which gives it a 3 dimensional look. This makes such a label not only very eye-catching, but extra durable as well. This also makes this particular label ideal for use in many situations and for both indoor as well as outdoor applications. With this clear resin, your company logo or brand gets that added oomph you want since this makes it “pop”.

How the Domed Effect is Made on These Labels

The domed effect of domed labels comes from the plastic resin top coat that is poured over the printed label that is used as the base. The dome on the label is created with the precise pouring of this resin over the flat label. Precision is needed since too much of this resin will flow over the edges of the label, and too little will result in the resin not covering the entire label.

Only experts in the field of label creation can make perfect domed labels that have the right shape to make the imprint on the flat label underneath give off that 3-dimensional look. These very same experts are also the ones that know what kinds of label materials are best with this domed look. They can also advise you on what inks, substrates and adhesives are also best used with these very attractive looking labels.

Domed Labels and the Benefits They Bring

Choosing to use domed labels brings with it a number of benefits that actually go beyond mere aesthetics. These labels are very durable and are ideal for a huge number of uses. These are UV ray resistant, water resistant and, depending on the kind of adhesive you choose to use, will stick to whatever it is attached to real well. This makes this particular label great for outdoor equipment, machinery that is exposed to harsh conditions and even appliances.

These labels help with marketing efforts due mainly to the fact that these capture the attention of those that happen to glance at them. These labels also hold the attention of people who see them because of the 3-dimensional look that these labels have. Now, isn’t that a good marketing tool to have on your side?

You can use these labels for more than just labeling needs. While these are made generally for adhesion to products and for branding purposes, you can actually go one step further and use these for other marketing purposes. For example, you can give away these domed stickers to prospective customers to stick to any surface that they wish to stick these on. People will want to do this due to the attractiveness of these domed labels.

You can give these out at special events, in the mail and with your products so that your marketing reach is widened. People who receive these domed stickers may attach these to just about anything that these will stick to. To increase the chances of these being adhered to everyday items, such as baseball caps, bags and the like (which will increase brand awareness due to the fact that people will be seeing these things regularly), you should choose an adhesive that allows for this and allows for adhesion on any surface.

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