How Dog Tags Can Actually Benefit Dogs

Dog Tags

While dog tags were ironically originally manufactured for use by humans and not dogs, these days, you can actually use these tags on your pets, whether these are dogs, cats or any other pet you may have. In fact, these tags can be used for a wide array of applications far removed from their original purpose. These can be used to mark and tag just about anything you want to put these on, and can be customized to fit many needs as well.

These tags, as some of you may already be aware of, was first introduced although unofficially in the 1860s and was made out of wood, not the metal that we see these days. These were changed into aluminum tags a few decades later and were first called military identity disks. The name “dog tags” were introduced during World War II and carried a soldier’s name, blood type, serial number and other information needed to identify them should some emergency occur.

These dog tags have been in use for decades by humans, however alternative uses for these military tags have been emerging for years and one such use that people have for it these days is for their pets. Using these tags on your pets will greatly benefit not only you but it will also benefit your pets as well. These will give them the kind of tag that not only carries their names but also carries information on who they belong to and where they live.

Much like the tags that humans wear, these dog tags can carry vital information that can help both the pet and the pet’s owner. Information that can be put on these tags can include your home address or home phone number, your name, and other information that can help others get your pet back to you. These tags can also be used to simply carry your pet’s name on it, although that would actually defeat the entire purpose of the dog tag, which is to help provide information about the pet.

The usual dog tag shape that you see being worn by humans can also be the same shape you use on your pets, although most pet owners tend to select tags that are not in this form. Most pet owners tend to select tags for their dogs in shapes that are, well, rather suited to their pets. Some choose to have tags made in doggy bone shapes, and others choose to have these made in the shape of a paw. Still a few others choose to have these made in standard round shapes with a decorative image or etching of a bone or paw on the front, and the pet’s information on the back of the tag.

These tags can come in many colors as well, depending again on the preference of the pet owner. These can also be made using a variety of metals that include precious and semi-precious ones. Metals that are often used for these tags include stainless steel, aluminum, silver, and even gold as well as platinum. Some pet owners even choose to have semi-precious stones and crystals embedded in and around these tags for added oomph.

As ironic as it may be that dog tags were first used by humans and not dogs, these are now being used by almost anyone and for anything, including tags for dogs as well as cats, and any other pets you may have.

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