How Different Types of Nameplates Can Help a Business

Different Types of NameplatesDid you know that a nameplate is actually more than just what the name implies? If you are to define a nameplate simply by this term, it is a plate that is used to carry a name, or a brand, for marking purposes. While this is indeed one of the things that nameplates can do, this is not the only thing it does.

There are actually quite a number of different types of nameplates that you can use for a wide variety of reasons. Each type can help your company in one way or another, with some helping with marketing and advertising, and others helping with tracking and inventory. Here are some of the more popular nameplates used by businesses everywhere and what these are used for:

Model and Serial Plates – these are plates that are used by companies to mark their products with in order to achieve a few things, namely to make tracking easier and for troubleshooting purposes as well. These nameplates are also used for warranty needs and for companies to easily tell when a product was made and which batch it belongs to.

Warning and Instructional Plates – as the name implies, these plates warn and instruct people of a few things. Some of these plates are used to tell people of the dangers of some of the machinery or equipment they are to use, and sometimes of the areas they are about to enter. A few more of these plates carry instructions for proper use or operations, which is made also for safety purposes as well as to prevent costly breakdowns and repairs.

Bar Code and UID Plates – these are plates that carry codes that are used to store information about the items these are attached to. The uses of these barcoded plates include tracking and inventory, for database purposes, for POS use, and many more. The codes used on these can vary, depending on what a company wants for their products, with some preferring the linear type and others preferring the 2D or matrix types. These two main varieties of codes also come in a number of variants, with each variety bringing a specific quality to the table.

Inventory and Asset Tags – these are essentially tags that are used for keeping track of items that are either kept in stock by a company or being used by the employees of the said company. These tags are used for a number of reasons, one of which is for maintenance and repair purposes. Other times, these are for simple tracking purposes where the company wants to know whether certain assets need to be replaced soon or if these are still ideal for use the coming year.

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