How Destructible Vinyl Labels and Tamper Proof Tags Deter Theft

Destructible Vinyl LabelsDid you know that theft in the workplace is not as rare as you may think it is, even when the people who work there are considered trustworthy by the company? Sometimes the theft of some items is not done on purpose, and is simply due to the person forgetting that they have the item on their person. They only remember that they have the item on them when they see it when they get home, and then they are too embarrassed to bring it back, or even forget to bring it back to work.

Whatever the case may be, there is a way to prevent this, as well as a way to stop those who are actually out to steal from the company. This is with the help of tags that are considered tamper evident or tamper proof. These can either be tamper-evident tags, or destructible vinyl labels. Any of these two can help discourage theft and how these tags do it is pretty simple and straightforward.

Discovery is part of what stops the possible thievery of items from an establishment. With tags that are difficult to remove, or leave behind telltale signs when removed, you will find that the number of people taking items home, whether intentional or not, will go down significantly. This is because these tags make it difficult to steal these items without being discovered or reminded that they don’t own these things.

The difference between tamper evident and destructible vinyl labels is in how these leave behind signs of tags being tampered with. Tamper evident tags are those that show you residue where the labels used to be, with words like VOID or dots of the label material’s adhesive being left behind in plain sight. These tags can also carry the company’s name on the adhesive left behind, depending on what was ordered and what the manufacturer is capable of.

Destructible vinyl labels on the other hand are labels that are difficult to remove in one clean movement. Unlike ordinary stickers and labels that are easy to remove in one tear-away movement, or a few movements for those that have very sticky adhesives, these tags fall apart when you try to remove them. As a result, you will need to remove around 50 to 100 small pieces of the tag from the item to totally remove it from the item. This makes it very difficult to take off entirely and discretely, making it a deterrent for theft.

Whatever tag you choose though, having a label that helps stop people from stealing from you, whether intentionally or not, will help your company save money. It will also help keep your employees honest and will know that your company will not tolerate any untoward behavior, such as pilfering and thievery.

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