How Destructible Vinyl Labels Help Companies Save Money

Destructible Vinyl Labels

Did you know that companies actually suffer losses that amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year due to theft? This is because of the fact that such companies do not have an effective inventory and tracking system that enables them to keep track of their assets properly. One thing that can help reduce the incidence of theft in companies is the use of destructible vinyl labels, or sometimes called tamper evident labels.

You may be asking, “What can labels do to stop people from stealing?” Well, in reality, the fear of discovery is what makes people think twice about taking out company owned items with these stickers on them. It is not the mere presence of the sticker per se that makes them think twice about taking items out of the company premises without permission that stops them from doing so, but rather the idea that security might see these stickers on the items they are trying to pilfer.

The thing about destructible vinyl labels, and others like it, is that anyone who attempts to remove these stickers from the items these are on will find that they cannot completely remove these tags. These labels either leave behind telltale traces that a sticker was once on the item (this in the form of a difficult to remove residue that has the word “void” on it) or fall apart when someone tries to remove the tag. The latter makes it difficult to actually remove the sticker since these need to be removed in small, confetti sized pieces, which can take very long and can result in discovery.

This is how these labels help companies deter theft. Since the fear of discovery, and not exactly the act itself or the sticker itself, is what stops people from trying to steal from their employers, having these on your company owned items will lower the chances of anyone trying to steal from your business. Coupled with a security check before exiting the premises, this is a cost effective and very efficient way of keeping your assets within the company and out of the hands of thieves.

How does this save your company money? Think of it this way. When people are afraid to steal anything from your business due to the fear of being found out to be a thief, this means less losses annually for your business. Also worth noting is that these tags are not exactly expensive and can be easily attached to your assets, which means you won’t have to spend a lot at all.

These tags can also be used for inventory and tracking purposes, if you add a space for numbering on these as well as barcodes. You can make these tags multi-purpose as well by adding spaces for date of purchase or acquisition, maintenance schedules and the like. You can have these tags checked periodically for maintenance needs, for when your company needs to find out if new equipment is needed and for simply checking to see if your anti-theft destructible vinyl labels are actually working to keep your company from being stolen from.

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