How Decorative Trim Plates Made a Day Special for a Bride

BY Rowena Taylor

Decorative Trim PlatesWhen you mention decorative trim plates, more-often-than-not, people will think of these metal plates as things that you use for industrial and commercial needs, and in a sense, this is right. Decorative trim plates are indeed used by many companies for the decorative needs of some of their products, as well as for the tagging and marking needs of others. This does not mean however that this is the only place where these plates can be used.

These metal plates can actually be used elsewhere, and not in the industrial or commercial capacity that most users get it for. These can actually be used for special occasions and for very special and unique ideas. This is the story of how one bride used her imagination to create amazing metal plates that not only helped make her wedding unique, but also helped make it more memorable for herself and for those who mattered to her.

The bride wanted something unique to give out to friends and family, to help them remember her big day with. There were many suggestions, from mini photo albums, to collages, to engraved glasses – and none of these seemed to suit the bride at all. She wanted something that wasn’t done yet, and she wanted something that would serve a double purpose too. This was when she happened upon decorative trim plates.

She saw the possibilities these plates presented and told her mom about her plan. She wanted to order plates that had her face and her hubby’s face etched into it, and another one with their names on it. She also wanted a third plate that had the name of the person who was to receive the item these plates were to go on.

She had seen a small pill-box made out of stainless steel that she knew would go great with her plans, and this she planned to use instead of place cards to show people who should sit where. She found a manufacturer who would make the three kinds of decorative trim plates for her – one with the etched images; another with the couple’s names etched on them; another with the embossed name of the guest on it. She also chose stainless steel for this, to go with the pillboxes that would serve as the base for these plates.

The day was drawing near, and she was worried as to how she was supposed to attach the plates to her pillboxes. She thought about using plastic glue, but then crossed that idea out since plastic glue would leave dirty cobweb-like residue all over, making her idea look shabby. Her problems were solved when she noticed that the site she ordered her plates from actually offered different kinds of adhesive backing for their different kinds of metal nameplates. She chose the one that she felt would work well with her plans, and had them put these on the back of all the plates she ordered (kind of like a sticker).

In the end, she got what she wanted, a wedding that was memorable, with little pillbox place indicators, that had a perfectly etched image of herself and her hubby, and the date of their wedding, on the tables. These held in them little candy hearts that her sister purchased at the last minute, and placed inside each one for a sweet treat for each guest. This made the bride’s day, and showed everyone that decorative trim plates are versatile enough to be used for almost anything, even something as special as wedding day souvenirs.

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