How Customizable are Identification Plates?

Identification PlatesWhen someone mentions identification plates, the first thing that usually enters a person’s mind is the plate used on cars as license plates. These are indeed identification plates but are not the only plates that can use such a moniker. In fact, identification plates can be any kind of metal plate that helps identify an item, vehicle, or product. These can carry a wide variety of information, the least of which is the number and letter combination that you see being used for automobiles.

When you are looking to customize identification plates, you first need to determine what these plates are for. You have to find out what these are to be used on. From there, you can then determine what parts you need to have customized and how. To show you what kinds of identification plates are customizable, here are some of the more commonly ordered metal nameplates and what parts are usually customized on these:

Model and Serial Number Plates – these are plates used on products that need to have a tracking system that the company can use once these are distributed to their retailers and sold to consumers. These plates can be customized according to what the company needs these to carry. These can include the company name and logo, company address, contact information and website, and spaces for the model and serial numbers. These tags can have empty spaces for these important alphanumeric combinations, which the company can add later with the use of their own stamping machines, or these can be added by the manufacturer of the tags as per the instructions of the company ordering these.

Barcoded and UID Plates – these are plates that have barcodes and 2D codes on them, which are used for many different reasons that include POS use, tracking use, and for identifying the components of an item without needing to have it all written down on the tag. What this will require in order to get the information you need from the code is an optical scanner and a computer. These tags can be customized with the addition of the company’s name and logo, company address, and your choice of code. Some of these tags can even carry more than one code, depending again on the prerogative of the customer ordering these tags.

Inventory and Asset Tags – these plates are used, as the name implies, for inventory and asset tagging needs. These can be made using metals, although some people choose to use label materials (polyester, vinyl, and even aluminum foil) for these at times. These tags can carry the company name, company address, and blank spaces for where a person can write down the numbering of the tag that is being used. These tags can also carry printed numbering on them, or barcodes if the company wants an easier tracking and inventory taking method to be used for their business.

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