How Custom Decals Can Help with Marketing

Custom DecalsProbably one of the more cost-effective methods that can be used to help market your brand is with the use of custom decals. These are cost-effective tools to use simply because these can be utilized in many different ways and can be deployed using a wide variety of techniques that need not be expensive. The use of decals can also help you get your name to places that you might not even think of marketing your brand.

How, you may ask, are decals ideal as a low-cost marketing tool? If you really think about it, decals are generally stickers that are adhered to surfaces in a different way. Since decals can be attached to any clean surface and are durable enough to stay where they are attached to, these can go anywhere and can be seen by anyone for a long period of time.

Some examples of custom decals being used for marketing and advertising purposes include the following:

  • Attached to mugs, glasses or tumblers – you can create your own customized mugs and tumblers without having to ask a manufacturer to do this for you by ordering custom decals you can attach to any of these items yourself. You can customize any item anytime to create promotional products on the fly with brand decals that you have on hand and you can use these promotional items that you created as giveaways for any event you may have. This comes in handy when you run out of ready-made promotional products. All you have to do is go out and purchase plain ceramic mugs, tumblers or clear glasses and attach your stocked-up decals to these things and voila! You have marketing giveaways that you won’t have to wait days for delivery.
  • Giveaways at events and trade shows – if you find that sticking these decals onto products yourself is too labor intensive, you can actually have recipients of such decals stick these to items they own themselves by simply giving this to them during events like product launches, trade shows and other similar events. These stickers can then be attached by whoever receives them to whatever items they deem these decals should be adhered to. Some of the places these decals may find themselves attached to include car windshields, motorcycle helmets, kids’ lunchboxes and many more.

These are just a couple of examples that show you where custom decals can be used for marketing and advertising purposes. All you need to do in order to capitalize on such an idea is to have custom decals in stock and ready for deployment anytime the opportunity presents itself.