How Custom Decals Can Help Your Business

BY Rowena Taylor

Vinyl Labels and Decals

Customizing decals and stickers is something that people do for many different reasons. Some do this for their personal needs, like when they want to create decorative decals for use in decorating the walls of their home, or when they need to have name stickers made for items that they own. Some individuals have custom decals and stickers made for business purposes too.

When creating customized decals for your business needs, the main purpose is usually for marketing and advertising. These stickers need to help you increase revenues by making people remember your brand when they buy something, tell people to buy your brand when they hear people mentioning the need for something that you make, and by making them curious about your brand. In short, these custom decals should help increase brand recognition and awareness, thereby helping in increasing revenues.

Decals can be used for many things. These can take the place of your labels, can be used to mark ordinary items to make these promotional ones for your company, and can be made big enough to be attached to windows and mirrors for advertising needs. Decals can also be used to mark vehicles that your company owns, making these travelling ads for your company.

Customized decals are indeed great for helping increase the kind of brand familiarity that you wish people to have. You can actually have these made small enough to be used in many different ways and for emergency marketing and advertising needs. For example, if you are asked to join a trade show at the last minute, and you find joining to be very beneficial for your business, but you do not have time to have promotional items, badges, and the like made for such an event, having stock decals of your company logo or name on hand can help save the day.

These decals can be used to create promotional items quickly. All you need to do is to buy glasses, mugs, lighters, and other items, with blank, smooth, and clean surfaces, and you can attach your ready-made company decals on these to create instant promotional items and giveaways. For badges, you can simply buy blank pin-on badges and attach your decals on these to create brand badges. You can even choose to give away these stickers themselves as giveaways, which people can stick on their cars, on bags, notebooks, and whatever these items can stick on to also help with advertising and marketing.

Custom decals can also be used to help keep office equipment and items from being mistaken for personal ones. While these stickers can be removed from your office belongings easily, unlike destructible vinyl labels which are made purposefully for preventing theft, these tags serve to remind your employees that not everything on their desks can be taken home. These tags on office owned items can help distinguish the personal items your people have from the ones that office owns and is there for their use and not for taking elsewhere.

These are but a few of the ways your custom decals can help your business. Can you think of other ways these can be used for businesses like yours?

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