How Companies Use Their Model and Serial Plates

Model and Serial PlatesCompanies everywhere utilize model and serial plates on their products. The primary reason why these tags are used is to help businesses keep track of the items that they manufacture and sell. Usually, these tags are used to tell them when an item has been sold since the numbers on these tags are then sent to them for warranty and tracking purposes.

While warranty and guarantees are usually the reason why the numbers on these tags are sent back to the manufacturer, there are other reasons why these plates are attached to these products in the first place. Here are some of those reasons:

To help when recalls are necessary – although this does not happen all the time, there will be times when a company will need to issue a recall for items that were manufactured during a specific period. You may have heard of companies like Toyota and Samsung issuing a recall of all items under a specific model and serial number series. This is because of defects that they may not have realized where there when they did their quality control tests. Sometimes, these defects materialize only when they redo these tests or when these are used by real people. This is why such tags are important.

To assist customers who want to find out more about the item they purchased – sometimes, customers call the hotline listed on these tags to find out what other things they can do with the product they purchased. While these may be outlined in the manual that is in the box together with the item, some people would rather have another person explain these to them. This is where the model and serial number tag of the item comes in handy. A customer needs to tell the other person on the line what item they are asking about by stating the model and serial number, which will inform the customer service representative what product they are being asked about. This will help them in finding information about the product on their database since the alphanumeric combinations will narrow it down to a specific model and make.

To find out which products are more market-worthy – believe it or not, these model and serial tags also help companies find out which of their products are more popular than others. This will help them focus their product development, research, advertising, and marketing on what would be more lucrative for the company. The more people buy a specific item (which will be evident in the number of items that are being tracked as sold and not just ordered for display by a retailer), the more the company will want to see why people like it, and what they can do to improve on it to increase sales.

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