How Businesses Can Use Military Style Dog Tags

Military Style Dog TagsWhen you mention military style dog tags, it is but natural for people to envision those tags that people in the armed service around their necks. These are indeed what metal dog tags are for – for use by military personnel as identification tags. These tags usually come in pairs, with the first one hanging on a long chain, and the second tag hanging from a shorter chain that is also attached to the same long chain.

While this is its primary use, there are actually a number of other ways you can use these tags, and not for military identification needs but for your business. How can your business use these tags? What applications can these tags have for companies? Here are some ideas that might be worth looking into:

Model and serial tags for products – yes, you can customize these tags to carry information on them that will help you identify the model and individual serial numbers of products that you sell. Just like dog tags worn by people, these tags can carry these identifiers on them with the use of stamping, and each tag can be attached to the product it belongs to with the use of adhesives, chains, or rivets. Examples of items that can utilize this particular tag include leather bags, collectibles, and equipment.

Branding tags – if you want your products to have rather unique looking brand tags, then a military style dog tag is a good option to consider. Not only are these tags durable branding labels, but these are also unique enough to help boost brand recognition and recall. Some of the products that these tags have already been known to mark include clothing, shoes, women’s bags, and even wallets. You can also make these fashionable enough to be worn around a person’s neck or wrist, which can also help towards brand familiarity and exposure.

Asset tags – if you want really durable tags to mark your company’s assets, then a metal tag in the shape of a dog tag is one choice you can opt for. These can be attached to your company’s assets and equipment with the use of a chain or a metal tie that cannot be removed without the use of appropriate equipment. These tags can be marked with tracking numbers that you can stamp manually with the use of a hand stamper, or you can have these tags carry barcodes that are printed on destructible vinyl labels or tamper proof tags. This can serve as both asset tracking and theft prevention tags.

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