Having Etched Plaques Crafted for Non-Business Needs

Etched Plaques

Did you know that you can actually have etched plaques customized for your personal needs? While a lot of people do not consider this particular option, a few have tried having decorative and other similar personal use plates crafted and customized with the use of etching. To help you understand what we are getting at, here are some examples of how etched plaques can actually be used for non-business purposes:

Anniversary plaques – you can express your appreciation and love for people celebrating anniversaries with the use of these etched plaques. Whether these are for your parents, your spouse or someone special in your life, a personalized plaque with an etching of the recipient’s face, a poem or a special quote will make a perfect token for such an occasion. You can even have this plaque mounted on a decorative wooden backing, a frame or other mounting option you feel will do this particular plaque justice.

Guest nameplates for special events – you can also have etched plaques or nameplates crafted for special events or activities. Weddings, milestone birthdays and even engagement parties can get that added oomph from specially crafted metal nameplates that come with etched designs and names marking seating arrangements for such events. You can choose to use cost-effective materials for this, like aluminum, or go for that added pizzazz by using gold tinted brass or bronze.

Decorative plates and focal pieces – you might want to consider having a drawing or a sketch you made created into a unique piece of art that you can hang in your living room, bedroom or dining room. Instead of painting this on canvas using oil paints or any other medium, why not go metal and have this drawing etched onto a metal plate that you can frame and hang on one of your walls? You will not only have a unique piece of art in metal on your wall but it will be a one of a kind piece since you drew the image on the plate yourself.

Family tree and room door tags – you can also have names etched on individual plates (and you can even choose to have faces for each name etched beside them) and have these hung on the doors to the rooms of your kids. Once your kids outgrow these tags, you can then connect all of these to form a unique family tree that you can hang in your bedroom, living room or den.