From Aluminum Foil to Aluminum Foil Labels: Where it All Begins

Aluminum Foil Labels

Before the creation of aluminum foil labels, first there was the creation of aluminum foil. How is aluminum foil made and who first made this very useful material? What other uses does this material have and why is it a good choice for labels?

Aluminum foil is a product that is made out of aluminum ingots, and these ingots have been produced since 1888. The process of creating aluminum ingots and slabs, as we have mentioned in an earlier post, starts with the mining of bauxite. Once the process of creating aluminum ingots is done, these are then transformed into aluminum foil with the use of a method called pack rolling. This specific method was first used in France in the early 1900s and was first introduced by Alfred Gautschi, a mechanic from Menziken.

Gautschi first began crafting aluminum foil in 1903, which he first experimented with using a test rolling mill. This particular mill was built next to the foundry where aluminum is made, making it easy for him to perfect his method for creating aluminum foil. Once he was able to create the right thinness for his foil, he then patents it in 1905 and gets his first huge orders two years later, from a client in Germany.

In the US, the manufacture and use of aluminum foil began in 1913. The first known use of this material was, surprisingly enough, for leg bands used to identify racing pigeons. The next major use for this material in the US was for packaging tea and chocolates. In 1921, aluminum foil laminated folding cartons were produced and letterpress printing on foil then followed close by.

The use of this material for wrapping food and other items found in kitchens did not start till the late 1920s and early 1930s, when it was packaged and sold in rolls and sheets, then marketed as household foil. By this time, 50% of all aluminum being manufactured found itself being rolled into these thin yet very useful sheets and rolls. In the late 1930s, foil first saw itself used for labeling purposes when a brewery ordered millions of labels made out of aluminum foil to be made for their bottles.

These days, numerous companies and businesses use aluminum foil labels for many things. From model and serial number tags to warning labels to product labels – aluminum foil is indeed a very versatile material to use. Not only does it have that attractive, silvery sheen to it but it is also very durable and can withstand hot and cold temperatures admirably.