Frequently Asked Questions About Military Style Dog Tags

Military Style Dog Tags

When you talk about military style dog tags, you are essentially talking about dog tags that are made in the same fashion as the tags that are worn by people in the service. These tags are customizable and can carry any information that you want on them, depending on what use you are thinking of having for these tags. These tags can be as colorful or as true-to-form as you want them to be, depending again on what you are thinking of using these for.

When people order dog tags, they usually have a few questions before they finally decide to go ahead with their order. Some of these questions can be downright silly while others are pretty legit. To help you better understand what we are talking about, here are some frequently asked questions manufacturers get when it comes to dog tags.

  • Why do dog tags come in pairs? – dog tags were made in pairs due to rather sad yet necessary reasons. Since tags were originally made in order to facilitate the easy identification of bodies during the war, the use of two tags was necessary. In the event that a soldier dies in combat, their comrades will take one of the tags back to base while the other tag stays with the body for identification purposes. The tag that was taken will then be given to the soldier’s next of kin.
  • Why do some dog tags come with rubber silencers? – dog tag silencers were used by soldiers in combat so they won’t alert enemy troops with the jangling of their tags.
  • Are there many different tag designs for the many different branches of the military? – there are actually quite a number of designs used by the military to help determine in which branch a soldier belongs to. While the general oval shape and general soldier information are still commonly added to all military tags, variations in what can be seen on these tags often help people determine to what service branch a soldier belongs to. For example, the US Army and US Marine Corps have similar tags and information on the first two lines but, the information these two have on the third and fourth lines actually differ from one another. US Navy tags have blank second and fourth lines.
  • What materials are used to craft military style dog tags – if you want to stay true to form, you should have your tags crafted using stainless steel however, there are some manufacturers who do craft tags out of various metals like silver, brass, bronze and gold.