Font Options You Can Use for Your Engraved and Etched Name Tags

Etched Metal PlatesWhether you are using etching or engraving for your metal plates, you should be aware that not all fonts look great with these marking methods. Some fonts may look rather off due to the fact that these marking methods create deep grooves and crevices. For your name tags to look as good as they should, you need to be careful when you select the fonts that you will be using.

There are a variety of serif and sans serif fonts that you can use for your engraving needs, and you will need to decide not only for the look but also for the feel of the end product. When you are thinking of injecting a rather formal or commemorative tone into your nameplates, you might want to consider one of the many serif options that are ideal for etching. Serif fonts have additional strokes and flicks that make these more elegant and stylish, which are ideal for when you want your plates to look formal and sophisticated.

When you are thinking of simplicity however, sans serif fonts should be your choice. These fonts are very simple since these are straightforward and do not have the additions swishes and strokes that come with serif fonts. These are pretty elementary in appearance however, so if you are aiming for writing on plates that look sleek and impressive, sans serif is not the choice you should make.

Even when you have already chosen between serif and sans serif, you still need to make a choice among the many fonts that belong under each umbrella. Here are some of the ideal choices for etching and engraving:

Serif Fonts – some of the best options include Lucida hand, Monotype Corsiva, and English fonts. These have the stylish curlicues that make these look like calligraphy and give you the elegant styles that are commemorative of the early 1900s. These three fonts have the extra swishes that make these look elegant and sophisticated. These are ideal for use on commemorative plates, special plates, and on items that are made to exude a classy and chic look. Examples of items that will look great with this are desk nameplates, lapel name tags, engraved picture frames, and awarding plaques.

Sans Serif Fonts – when it comes to sans serif options, some of the best options include Arial, Century Gothic, and Lucida Sans. These are all straightforward fonts that are great for use with plates that need to be compliant with certain rules (like for ADA signs and such items) and when you need these to be easy to read. You can use these on such items like model and serial plates, warning and instructional plates, and for schematics, among other things.

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