Floral Decorative Trim Plates and Custom Products

Decorative Floral platesThe creation of decorative trim plates is usually reserved for branding and for added flair on existing products. What some people may not realize is that these plates are so versatile that you can actually create new products with these customizable plates. The fact that these can be customized to carry anything on them means that these can be made in any design, size, shape, and for any purpose.

If you are looking to create a new line of products that have these decorative metal plates as part of the product, you can actually do so. There are many ideas you can incorporate into these metal tags and one such idea is the floral design. Flowers and flower designs are generally timeless. Considered feminine, these can be used to create great looking products that women will want to buy. Here are a few examples that you can try:

Floral embellished jewelry boxes – you can make a plain painted wooden box into a unique, rustic looking jewelry box with the help of metal plates that are either engraved or etched with floral designs. These plates can look antique or can be painted in bright colors, depending on your design ideas. These plates can cover the entire box with cutouts all throughout showing the wooden case underneath, or these can be added to the corners, sides, or just the top of the box as accents.

FDecorative Trim Plateloral collectible canisters – you can also have these plates crafted to fit the  tops or sides of plain canisters that you can label as collectibles. You can create different kinds of cans with popular flowers on them to make these truly collectible, like round rose tins, oval daisy canisters, and square orchid cases. These can even have handles on them to make them into carrying cases or can be made big enough to be used as cookie cans.

Floral refrigerator magnets – who says these plates cannot stand alone as something that can be functional without needing anything other than a magnet attached to it? You can have metal plates designed into floral applique style decorative plates, which you can then attach to magnets to create collectible floral  refrigerator magnets. You can also use this same idea to create floral coasters, with the metal plates getting printed floral designs on them and felt undersides for traction instead of magnets.

These are just a few ideas for the use of decorative trim plates that are not crafted for branding purposes. You don’t really need to use floral designs for these, since this is just a jumping off point for hundreds of other ideas. You can have vintage car prints, or old brand prints, or even animals printed on these metal plates for various collectible series you can create for your company’s promotional needs, or simply for collectible products that you can sell.

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