Finding More Ideas for Using Decorative Trim Plates in Your Products

Decorative Trim Plates TableDecorative Trim Plates Artwork

Let’s face it. These days, if you want to get ahead, you need to have a side business running alongside your day to day work. Some people have even found that engaging in more than one side business can be very lucrative and can even give them the chance to leave the hustle and bustle of everyday work in order to make their businesses grow.

If you are someone with an entrepreneurial spirit and want to join the many who have made their fortunes selling unique and interesting products on auction sites and retail sites, as well as actual stores, then read on. Many people find that adding some type of metal decorative element to the products that they customize and sell actually attract the attention of customers. Even more so when the metal element is added to a product that usually does not have metal in it.

In order to get ideas for your metal embellished products, you can search a lot of sites for inspiration. Here are some places where you can find ideas for your decorative trim plates and products that can go well with these:

Pinterest – yes, this image sharing and pinning site is one of the more popular places where numerous ideas for products and designs can be found. While you don’t necessarily need to copy what you see on here, there are a lot of ideas that you can get from the images that abound on this social media portal, and you can innovate, alter, adjust, and tweak whatever ideas you get from here.

Etsy – this is where a lot of creative individuals sell their creations, and where you can get ideas from as well. As with Pinterest, you don’t need to totally copy what you see here (and are actually discouraged from copying since you will be selling items that others are already doing so), but rather get inspiration and ideas that you can work with. There are many artsy and unique products here, so you can get a lot of insight on what you can do for your own business from this portal.

Ebay – this bidding site has quite a lot of items that you can look through for inspiration when it comes to your decorative trim plate products. Examples of items that can be found on this bidding site, which can be easily translated with the use of decorative trim plates, include cocktail tables with metal plate numbers in a collage on top, a frame with etched plates in an artwork form, and a custom clock that has an etched plate as its face.  

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