Etched Plaques and Signs: The Many Roles These Play

Etched Plaques and SignsWhen you hear the term etched plaques, you often think of awards and recognition, and you would not be far from the truth. These are indeed used for awarding and recognizing individuals as well as groups who make great contributions to the companies and organizations that they belong to. This is not the only use these plaques have, however. Etched plaques and signs have quite a number of uses, and here are some of them:

Directional Signs – did you know that you can actually make directional signs using etching and metal plates? You can. Simply have the company that does your etched plates for you create a sign big enough to carry the information you need this to carry and they can etch these with what you need. You can even have these made in unique shapes and sizes, depending on the manufacturing capabilities of the company you choose to work with on these.

Commemorative Markers – these are those huge metal plaques that you see outside heritage sites, museums, and the like. These carry information about the place, the people who used to inhabit the place, important events that took place there, and so on. These are oftentimes rather large and placed on stone pedestals to make these very noticeable and eye-catching. These can carry information only, or can also carry etched portraits or images of the people or places that these are talking about.

Rules and Regulations – these plates can also be used to carry rules as well as guidelines that people need to follow before or when they enter an establishment. These plates can carry long lists that include what to do, what not to do, what to wear, what you cannot wear and so on, when entering a specific venue. These can be seen at the doors of schools, museums, office buildings, certain first class restaurants or hotels, and other similar venues. These are ideal for areas where an eye catching and a durable carrier of rules is needed.

These are just a few of the many guises these etched plaques and signs come in. These can also be used to create safety signs, warning signs, special directories, and the like. What other uses can you think of for these rather versatile and durable metal plates?

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