Etched Plaques and Signs - Mounting and Backing Options

Etched Plaques and SignsHaving plaques and signs made for commemorative purposes is only one of the many steps you will probably have to undertake before you get these mounted onto the walls and pedestals these are made for. These plaques and signs are usually made to honor and commemorate important people that businesses, organizations, and other entities feel are to be credited for a lot. You will also find that these plaques and signs are made for reminding people of how things got started, who helped start these companies, and how certain events unfolded in historical locales.

These plaques and signs that are made out of metal, and marked with a method called etching, are often found either outside a building, or in a building but in an area where many people can see it. The reason why these are made after all is to show this to a lot of people, and to help commemorate special events, people, and dates in history. These plaques are not placed on walls and pedestals alone however. You will notice that when you see these things, that these have distinctive looking mounting and backing materials behind it.

What are the most commonly used mounting and backing options for etched plaques? Here are some of them:

Wood – wooden backing is often chosen by many due to the contrast that it gives metals. You will notice that a lot of plaques have this as their backing choice, particularly because you can choose form a wide variety of woods for this. You can use dark wood, light wood, and many other types of wood for this particular purpose. The use of wood for backing etched plaques and signs is also popular due to the fact that you can also shape these easily into a variety of shapes. You can create oval wooden backing, rectangular, and many more.

Stone – this is another option that a lot of people choose to use, particularly if they want their etched commemorative plaques to have an old-world appeal to it. You can choose from many different kinds of stone for this, and options include marble, granite, and many more. The stone that is used can also be polished, rough, and whatever other texture you feel is ideal for your particular need.

Glass – also popularly used for etched plaque backing is glass. This is often the choice if you are looking for a more modern look for your plaques. The glass you use can be clear, opaque, colored, or smoked, among other things. For a more lightweight option, Plexiglas can also be used.

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