Etched Plaques and Employee Morale: Making People Feel They Are Important to Your Business

Etched PlaquesOne of the things that many workers complain about is not just the lack of ample compensation, but the lack of getting credit for a job well done. More people actually appreciate it when companies actually acknowledge that they have done something good for the business than merely receiving monetary rewards for it. In fact, a lot of people have been known to quit their jobs not because they are not being paid well, but because their efforts are not being recognized by the company that they worked for.

People do appreciate getting paid more for going above and beyond what they were initially tasked to do at work. Money is, after all, necessary for a decent life, and more money can enable you to do more for yourself and for your family. Monetary rewards however can just go so far. When a person feels that their efforts are not truly recognized and acknowledged, there is always that huge chance that they will seek other opportunities. These don’t necessarily have to be bigger paying than their current work, but if they see that the company culture appreciates and recognizes the effort being put in, even if they are paid the same, the possibility of making the jump is there.

How do you keep your employees happy working for you and how do you show them that you do appreciate everything that they do for your business? Recognition and the giving out of awards every few months is a good way to start. Have employees evaluated by their superiors, and award them for a job well done. That proverbial pat on the back every now and then can actually mean the difference between an employee staying and continuing to do good, and an employee moving over to your closest competitor and doing good there.

Recognition can be shown by way of etched plaques and trophies that highlight what the person has done to help the company succeed. Efforts to keep things running smoothly, to correct mistakes that are being made by others, and even going that extra mile to finish a project beyond their shift are some of the things that people should be commended on. Using plaques, and quarterly or bi-annually awarding ceremonies, will help encourage not only those who are achievers to continue doing good, but also others to strive and replicate such achievements. This is so that they too can be recipients of awards and etched plaques that tell friends and family that they are doing really well at work.

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