Etched Plaques: More Than Just For Awarding and Recognition at Work

Etched Plaques and Signs

Did you know that etched plaques and nameplates can actually be used for more than just the creation of tokens of recognition and awards? While a lot of these are indeed created for that particular purpose, there are a number of uses for etched plaques. Here are some of the other ways you can use nameplates and plaques that use etching to mark them:

  • Etched signs – signs that carry an establishment’s name or signs that carry messages on them that tell people what building they are entering can also be made with the use of etching. These are usually seen outdoors and are made of corrosion resistant steel like stainless steel or bronze. These can be marked with standard etching methods or with the use of a technique called reverse etching where the characters of the signs are in the metallic color of the chosen metal and the background is the one with the etching on it.
  • Decorative plaques – these are often made with either brass or bronze, due to the decorative color of these somewhat golden metals. The decorative etchings you see on these plates often represent graphics, designs and other decorative elements that the client wanted to put on metal. These can then be attached to wooden bases or frames to make these more attractive and easier to mount on walls and such.
  • Commemorative plaques – some people choose to have headstones, commemorative markers and such crafted with the use of etching. This is because of the fact that these can carry the etched images of the person or persons being commemorated by such metal plates. This is also because these metal plates are more durable than stone or marble plates and won’t break or crack despite weather extremes.
  • Gifts and Special plates – since etched plaques can carry almost any type of graphic and characters on it, some people choose to have special plates made for gift giving purposes. An example would be a picture of a loved one and a poem etched on a metal plate and framed or mounted on a wooden frame. This can be given to the person on an anniversary, birthday or other special occasion.

These are but a few of the ideas you can use with etched plaques. You can have your special plaques and signs made by manufacturers who specialize in customized metal plates and such.