Etched Nameplates for Business: Where Do You Usually See These?

Etched NameplatesEtching is a marking method that is used on a number of materials, such as glass and metal. The methods used to etch these materials with vary from one material to another however, when it comes to metals that are crafted into nameplates, the most commonly used method is with the use of a mordant or an acid. Laser etching is also used on certain metals, specifically those metals that are coated or made for just such a manufacturing method.

Some of the metals that you will see being etched for nameplates purposes, whether with the use of a laser machine or another method, include stainless steel, aluminum, titanium and alloy steels. As long as a metal has enough thickness to be etched, these can be marked with the use of this particular method. Whether the metal material being marked is flat, rounded, or an odd shape, you can expect these to be easily marked with this particular marking method, as long as lasers are used.

Where are these etched plates used and for what purpose? These plates are oftentimes used to mark doors with the names of the people who occupy them. In the case of hotels, you will find that etched plates can be found on reception desks and concierge desks. These usually carry information about who is at that desk (concierge or receptionist), and as such, will guide you accordingly as to what these individuals can do for you.

These are not the only uses of such plates however. You can actually find these being used for other things, such as safety, information, decorative, and for those businesses that have plaques that tell of their founders and their history, commemorative purposes. You can find these plates on many things, and these include machinery, equipment, directories, and commemorative plaques.

Since etching is a very versatile marking method that leaves behind highly detailed markings which are actually rather difficult to deface, these are also used to create murals and commemorative portraits or images. These can be images of the old buildings that used to stand in a specific spot, or the original building of a successful business, which is credited for the beginnings and subsequent success of a company. These can also be images of founders or people who can be credited with helping the business succeed.

Etched nameplates are indeed very versatile, and can be used by businesses in many different ways. What other uses can you come up with when it comes to etched plates for business?

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