Etched Nameplates: Ideas for the Holidays

Intricately Etched NameplatesWith the holidays quickly moving in, thinking of unique gifts for your employees as well as your customers and suppliers, can be quite a drag. The usual gift baskets of goodies and the monogramed leather set ideas are pretty old-hat, although these will still be accepted with gratitude. If you are looking to create and give gift items that are not only appreciated but memorable, then you need to think beyond the usual and employ certain unconventional tools to come up with one-of-a-kind holiday giveaways.

If you enjoy giving people items that they will definitely use, and which carry your company information (logo, brand, slogan, etc.), then thinking of useful and innovative products that can carry your brand on it is what you need to do. To give you an idea, here are some products that can be branded or decorated with the use of etched nameplates, which may be great for your holiday gift giving responsibilities:

Cigar Boxes with Decorative Metal Tops – these boxes can be made using materials like dark wood, metal, or leather encased plastic, and the insides can be lined with velvet for that rich and opulent feel. The outside, you can decorate with etched metal plates that have intricately detailed designs and with your company name or logo somewhere in this design. If you do not want your company name to be in the design, you can have a separate plate created for this and you can attach this on the underside or some other inconspicuous part of the cigar box.

Decorative Flasks – metal flasks that can be used to hold liquor, or any liquid that you can drink for that matter, can also be great for gift giving. These can be very decorative with the use of etched metal plates that carry unique and fantastic designs that you can have an artist create for you, and a metal nameplate manufacturer transfer onto aluminum, stainless steel, or brass plates. You can then have these plates curved or bended according to the shape of the flask that you are thinking of giving out, and you can attach these to such items via heavy duty adhesives.

Jewelry and Trinket boxes – these will make great gifts for those who love accessories, and these can be made the same way that you have your cigar boxes with decorative metal tops made. The designs for the etched metal plates you use to embellish these boxes with can be more feminine, more intricate, and can even be painted and detailed with the use of inks to make these more decorative and festive looking.

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