Etched, Engraved, and Embossed Nameplates - 3 Durable Nameplate Types

Embossed NameplatesIn finding the right nameplates for your company’s needs, one of the things you will often try to look for is durability. Having durable nameplates, after all, will guarantee that these will last a long time, which will mean that these won’t need to be replaced anytime soon. This essentially means that the nameplates that you are using are cost effective and friendly to your budget.

When you look for durable nameplates, you should be aware that these may not necessarily be cheap, but are cost effective. These two do not mean the same thing. Cheap can mean low cost but not necessarily cost effective, and cost effective may or may not be low cost, but is cost-effective because in the long run, you actually save money from it.

A durable nameplate, like etched, engraved and embossed nameplates, are essentially cost effective because these are not necessarily cheap (although some of them may be, depending on the materials used and what goes on these plates), but can save you money in the long run due to their durability. This is because, as was mentioned earlier, these plates are very durable and won’t suffer much deterioration with use since the marking methods used on them make them tough. This makes them last longer, which then means that you won’t need to replace these sooner than is usually expected, which saves you money.

The reason why these plates are generally durable is because of the fact that these are made using marking methods that are difficult to damage or deface. Etching gouges out parts of the metal being used, creating markings that is not easy to damage. The same goes for engraving. While both are rather similar, what is used to create these markings is different. Engraving uses an engraving machine that removes the metal from specific areas while etching uses an acid to do the same thing.

For embossing, you get very durable nameplates due to the fact that the metal is bent in such a way with the use of hot stamping, that it actually reinforces the metal being used. This creates a rather durable and very tough plate that is difficult to bend, mark, scratch, or dent. This is also a great way to create 3-dimensional plates that are very eye-catching and will last a long time at the same time. This gives you the kind of metal nameplate that is both aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective due to its durability.

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