Embossed Metal Plates and What These Can Be Used On

Embossed MetalEmbossing is a marking method that creates tags with prints and designs that are raised from its background. In other words, these tags have raised, 3-dimentional features on it. What makes these tags truly unique and worth considering for your nameplate and tagging needs is not just the added aesthetic quality of such a marking method, but also the additional strength that this gives such a nameplate.

Yes, embossed metal plates are intrinsically sturdier and more durable than other metal nameplate types and this is because of how these are made. When a metal nameplate is being embossed, it undergoes a process called hot stamping. This is when the metal plate is heated before the design is stamped onto it, and the stamping is being done with the use of both a male and female die. When the plate cools, the design hardens along with the rest of the nameplate, making it extra resilient and tough.

With such a tough metal nameplate, you will find that you can use these in many different applications, and here are some of them:

Serial number tags – these can be used to mark individual products with their unique codes for the purpose of tracking and troubleshooting. Since these tags are difficult to deface due to their durability and toughness, the serial numbers and model numbers on these cannot be tampered with in any way. This will help ensure that such products will have their unique identifier intact and not be messed around with for any purpose whatsoever.

Brand tags – these can also be used to create tags that carry your brand, and such tags are not only tough but also attractive to look at due to the 3-dimensional effect of embossing. These tags can be inked or painted, which will give them more depth and dimension, which in turn can help to not only make them look great but to also create additional protection for the metal.

Decorative tags and products – another use you can get out of an embossed tag is decorative in nature. You can use embossing as a way to create highly decorative plates that can be used to enhance specific products with. For example, if you are making a metal box for your products, you can have the top cover beautified with an embossed tag with an intricate or elaborate design, with the brand added to the design, in what can be called a collectible piece. These can then be used for promotional purposes, with these strong and attractive metal boxes being sold as commemorative items or as specially crafted limited edition pieces.

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