Embossed Metal Plates: Embossing vs Other Marking Methods

Embossed Metal PlatesWhen you have your metal nameplates crafted, one of the options you will be presented with is the choice of marking method to be used on these. There are quite a number of choices for you to make your selection from, and one of the choices you have is embossing. Embossed metal plates can be used for many different things – from branding plates to model and serial plates to decorative trim plates.

While embossing is indeed a great marking method to go with, you do have a few other choices to consider. Stamping is another marking method that can produce the same kind of results as embossing, since the latter is actually another version of the former. Another marking option that produces a 3-dimensional effect is doming. This method uses traditional printing processes, like digital printing and silk screening, with the addition of a domed top that protects the printed surface of the plate. The domed top is made out of clear urethane, and gives the print underneath a decorative, raised look.

If you are looking for plates that have raised and recessed parts, but do not want these to have the stamped or embossed look, you might want to consider etching or engraving. These marking methods also produce textured surfaces that give your nameplates that added aesthetic appeal that does not come with flat printed plates. These marking methods are also great for very decorative designs, and can even be used to create metal artwork.

If none of these other marking methods appeal to you, you can opt for some of the other methods that do not produce textured results. These other methods however, create vivid and highly durable prints that can last a very long time. Some of the options you have for flat printed marking methods are stonewear process, photosensitizing, and digital printing. These can be done on almost any metal that is used for the creation of nameplates, except for photosensitizing, which only uses anodized aluminum.

With all these different marking methods to choose from, you may then wonder whether or not you really should go for embossed metal plates, or another marking medium. The choice falls down to what you need your plates for, where these are to be used, and what kind of exposure these plates will have. If you are aiming for metal nameplates that have very durable raised characters on them, then embossing is your choice. If you need something else, you might do well to talk with an expert about this to help you determine what will work best with your requirements. You can get in touch with us and we can help you with this dilemma so that you can easily decide which marking method is perfect for your metal nameplate needs.

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