Domed Labels and the Outdoors: Why Outdoor Products Have These

Domed LabelsIf you check scooters, lawnmowers, and other similar items that are used outdoors, you may find that a few of these have brand tags that have a domed surface. These are called, obviously enough, domed labels or tags. These are oftentimes used on items that can be used outdoors, and for a good reason. Apart from the fact that these are eye-catching, these are also highly durable.

How come these tags are durable, you may ask? Well, it all has something to do with the dome, and partly with the tag that is underneath this dome. For starters, the dome is actually more than just a clear top that makes a tag look 3-dimensional. It is actually a tag that protects the label or metal nameplate underneath. This is because the dome top is made out of clear urethane, which is a very durable and tough substance.

The reason why a lot of outdoor products have this kind of a brand tag, apart from those that have embossed and etched tags, is because of durability. As mentioned earlier, the dome top is a protective top as well that protects the tag found underneath. This dome top is applied after the tag has been made and the application process is pretty simple. Molten clear urethane is added to the surface of the tag slowly to ensure that the domed shape does hold. It is then allowed to cure, which afterwards, you get an aesthetically pleasing tag that has a 3-dimensional appeal and is durable to boot.

Of course, in order for such a tag to be truly durable, you need to have a tough nameplate underneath. Metal nameplates are the ideal choice here, although there are a few other non-metal tag materials that may also work well with the clear dome. With metal nameplates, particularly those that are made using materials that are corrosion-resistant and tarnish-proof, you get not only a protective and attractive top, but you also get a durable bottom. The metal tag is also where you will be placing your label design. You simple need to ensure that the ink or the paint used on your metal nameplates won’t streak or bleed when the hot urethane is added.

Another great thing about domed labels is that these are actually self-healing. If the surface of these domed tags is scratched, the scratched part actually heals after a while. This makes these tags ideal for use in situations where scratching and abrasions are a given. This may be why items like tractors, lawn mowers, and automobiles have this kind of a tag on them.

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