Dog Tags for Presents and Giveaways: Should You Consider These Tags for Special Events?

BY Rowena Taylor

Dog Tags

When you mention the term “dog tags”, what people will usually think about is the regulation tag that men in the military wear around their necks. These are indeed dog tags, but the military, and other people in the service, are not the only ones who actually wear and use these. These days, more people find themselves using these metal nametags for other purposes, some of them more aesthetic than informational.

Since dog tags can be customized to suit your every need or desire, you can actually use these for a lot of things. We mentioned in a previous blog that these can be used for personal informational purposes, like for medication tags or bag tags, however that is basically just scratching the surface of such a useful tag. You can actually create highly decorative, and even collectible tags by ordering customized dog tags for whatever purposes or needs you may have.

To help you realize just how versatile and innovative these dog tags can be, here are some rather different ideas that some people have come up with when it came to the use of these handy tags:

Club Tags – these can be stamped, printed or silkscreened with designs that are exclusive to your club alone. You can have images, engraved designs, and even symbols added to these tags using paint that can only be seen when held under ultra-violet light. You can even have these shaped differently to make these look unique for your club, or made using colored metal in order to show others the official colors of your group.

Promise Tags – ever heard of promise rings? These are rings that couples give to one another to pledge their devotion to each other and their promise to get married in the near (or not so near) future. Well, if you think that promise rings are too common, why not have promise tags made instead. These tags can be made using semi-precious and precious metals to make these carry the same importance and value as promise rings, and you can even have gems attached or embedded into these as well. Since dog tags have more surface to write on, you can even write your names and promise vows on these, if you want to.

Gamer Group Tags – some people are so into video games that they create groups where they have designated ranks and positions given to them. They even have ID cards made to identify what their positions are and who they are affiliated with. You can have tags customized to carry information about rank, affiliation, or whatever you want these to have on them to show what side you are on, what gamer group you belong to, and so on.

Special Party Souvenir – since these tags are more-often-than-not made out of aluminum, you can have images imprinted on these with the use of photosensitizing. You can have the image of a baby, a couple, a dog, or whatever you want placed on these tags and you can have the date of the event printed on the other side. These can be very great giveaways for special events like birthdays, christenings, weddings and other similar occasions. These can be made into keychains, bag tags, decorative tags, or whatever the recipient wishes to use these for.

These are just a few of the ideas that you can use with dog tags. Do you have any other unique and interesting ideas where these very versatile and handy tags can be used for?

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