Do Label Tags Have to Be Made Out of Paper or Cardboard?

BY Rowena Taylor

Label Tags Materials

Some people believe that when you need to have label tags crafted, these should be made using paper or cardboard. While majority of these tags are indeed crafted using such materials, this does not mean that you should just follow the norm and have your tags made using paper and cardboard. Why not move away from what most people are doing and try to have these tags crafted using different materials?

Why should you stray from the norm and create tags that are made using anything else other than cardboard or paper? For starters, the use of different kinds of materials for your label tags will make these unique, intriguing, and eye-catching. And isn’t that what you want your tags and labels to do – to capture the attention of possible buyers?

To help you wrap your head around this idea, here are some material options you might want to consider for your label tags and what these bring to the table for you:

Aluminum foil – people usually find themselves attracted to shiny things, and aluminum foil tags are just that, shiny tags made out of thin sheets of aluminum. If you attach these tags to your products, you will find that not only do these attract attention because of the shiny and silvery appearance of your tag, but these are also durable and can be printed on using a wide variety of marking mediums. You can create really attractive tags using aluminum foil and this is because you can emboss and stamp these tags to make these look 3-dimensional.

Vinyl – another great material you can use for your label tags is vinyl. These can be shaped any which way you want and can be printed in a wide variety of colors that can capture the eye of your target market. You will find that these tags are also durable and won’t fade or deteriorate fast. These can be attached to products such as clothing, kitchen appliances, and many more for your tagging needs. These can also be made in such a way that aside from being used as hanging tags for your products, people who purchase your items can use these tags for bookmarks. You can also extend the marketing value of these tags by having these made with a peel-off self-adhesive back to turn these into stickers that people can stick to any item they wish to stick these on.

Metal – you might not think that metal can be used for label tags, but they can. Choose from any of the numerous corrosion and tarnish resistant metals available to you, and have your tags made using these. Such tags can go beyond being mere label tags and can be used as key chains, bag tags, bookmarkers, and many more. Try to create your label tags using metals like stainless steel, aluminum, or bronze, and have these attached to your products using either a chain or attractive string ties to make people think of reusing these tags for other purposes. This will help with brand recognition and marketing since your tags will go beyond merely branding and tagging your products while these are in stores. 

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