Do Inventory and Asset Tags Help Prevent Theft?

Inventory and Asset Tags

Are inventory and asset tags really a good tool to use to help prevent theft? How can labels and stickers stop people from stealing your property? Are these really effective at making people think twice about pilfering anything at work?

Inventory and asset tags are often used by numerous companies to not only keep track of their assets but also to stop people from getting tempted into taking these marked items home. While it does not technically stop people from taking these things with them, it can be used to prove that the item in question (when found in the possession of a suspected pilferer) is indeed owned by the company. This is what these labels are ideally used for.

When an inventory or asset tag is attached to office equipment, these are then scanned (with the use of a machine readable barcode) or the numbers on the tags encoded into a machine to make these items easier to keep track of. When the company suspects anyone of stealing, they can scan or check the numbers on the items that are still in the office and compare this with a list that they have. They can then find out which items are missing and, at times, who these were assigned to for use.

While it is seldom likely that the person who these items have been assigned to will steal them (they are, after all, listed in their name), officials can track down the whereabouts of these items and once these are found, prove that these are indeed office property with the help of these tags.

Some people will go to great lengths to hide the fact that they pilfered stuff that they have from the office, and to do this, they often try to remove these stickers. There are ways to prevent the total removal of these self-adhesive tags as well, and this is by choosing to use tamper evident materials. Stickers or labels that are tamper proof often leave behind traces of themselves when removed, making it easy to recognize whether an item did indeed have an asset tag once.

So, if you are asking whether or not inventory and asset tags prevent theft, in some ways it does. If used in conjunction with other security measures, you can be sure that you can keep your assets protected from those who wish to steal these from you and your company.