Digital or Standard Scales and Dials: Which is Better?

Scales and DialsIn the past, when you talk about scales and dials, there is only one type, and that is the analog or standard type. These days, you need to decide whether to go digital or stay with the standard type for your needs. To do this, you first need to determine which is better for your specific requirements – digital or analog?

Before you junk one over the other, you should know that both actually have their advantages and disadvantages. It really depends on what you are using the scale for and this is where the equipment is to be used. You simply need to know what makes one scale better for specific uses than another, and this is where you can make a decision on whether to go with a digital scale or a standard one.

When it comes to something as standard as checking weight, you will probably want to think about it in terms of whether or not you want to be very precise about how much an item weights. For very accurate and fractions of weight, you might want to consider a digital scale. If the small fractions of the weight do not matter, then an analog scale is good enough.

No matter what you choose however, you need to ensure that these scales are properly calibrated. Analog scales are much easier to calibrate than digital ones since you simply need to adjust the arm on the dial using a rotator that you can find on the equipment itself. For digital scales, you have to follow a set of instructions that come with the product itself, and it can involve a few steps before you can calibrate it, and even then you cannot be totally sure if it has indeed been calibrated due to its digital makeup.

Analog or standard scales are indeed easier to calibrate and to use, however you cannot discount the usage when choosing a scale for your needs. Standard scales and dials are probably okay if you are not aiming for readings to the smallest decimal point. If you are aiming for very accurate readings however, and need to know even the smallest fraction of what you are measuring or weighing, a digital scale is what you need.

As mentioned earlier, the usage will play a big part in your choice. You cannot really say that one is better than the other straight off. It will all depend on where the scale is to be used and what for.

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