Different Kinds of Sticker Labels Businesses Use

Sticker Labels

Businesses use sticker labels in many different ways, and as such, they use different types of these for these various applications. These sticker labels are essentially labels that have a sticker-like quality to them in the sense that these have self adhesive backs that make these easy to use and to attach to items. This quality makes these very easy to use and ideal for a wide variety of needs.

Sticker labels can also come in many guises, can be made using a wide variety of materials, and can be crafted in any shape or size, as long as these do come with a self-adhesive backing. These can be made out of materials that can withstand heat or cold, can be exposed outdoors, or are only ideal for use indoors. These can also be used on items that are exposed to harsh conditions or chemicals, depending once again on what material is used to create such labels, and what kind of adhesive is used at the back.

So, what are the different kinds of sticker labels businesses use and where are these often used? Here are some examples, what materials are used to craft them, and where these are utilized:

Aluminum Foil Labels – these are labels that are made using, as you guessed it, aluminum foil. Since aluminum is a corrosion resistant and tarnish resistant metal, it is then but natural to assume that these particular labels can be used on almost anything without the user fearing that it will deteriorate or become damaged. These labels are often used for numerous applications which include asset tagging, brand labeling, warning and instructional tagging, and serial & model number marking.

Depending on the adhesive that is used, these labels can easily withstand hot and cold temperatures, exposure to chemicals and UV rays, as well as being subjected to daily wear and tear. You can see these tags used on machinery, office equipment, factory equipment, appliances, retail products and many more. These have a silvery color and finish to them which make them ideal as well for decorative labeling purposes.

Vinyl Labels – these are made with the use of a durable material called vinyl, as the name implies, and can be used for a wide array of applications as well. Since vinyl is also durable enough to survive some chemicals, water, and even dirt and grime, you can easily use these sticker labels on just about anything. These are not that impervious to heat though, so you might want to avoid using these on items that will be subjected to very high heat.

These labels are great for decorative purposes, for warning labels, for brand labeling and for creating souvenirs with. You can actually stick these labels onto ordinary items to make these into custom giveaways for your company. Have specially made sticker labels for this purpose and see how easy it is to actually create souvenirs on the fly by just sticking these onto glasses, mugs, canisters and other items.

Polyester Labels – these are also considered very sturdy and durable labels because these are made out of a material that is durable and is enhanced with the use of a protective laminate. These are often used to create such items like warning and instructional labels, branding labels, model and serial number labels and even asset tags. Since these tags can be printed in full color, you can be sure that you can also create rather decorative labels with this one.

These are but a few of the sticker labels businesses use. Other labels that they may end up using include tamper evident or destructible vinyl labels (for asset management and theft prevention), Lexan labels and the rather decorative yet durable domed labels.

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