Different Kinds of Name Tags and Where These Can Be Used

BY Rowena Taylor

Name Tags

Name tags are essentially tags that carry the names of the people wearing them, hence the term “name tags” however, these tags do not only carry names all the time. Sometimes these tags bear the designation or position of a person instead of their name. Some people also believe that these tags are only used by people who work in hotels and in restaurants. While it is true that these people do use name tags, they are not the only ones who do so. There are a lot of other people in different jobs that do wear these tags so that people can easily identify them.

Where are name tags often used? Well, if you were to observe the people you interact with everywhere, the people who usually sport these tags are those who are in what is called the service sector. Some people think that when you say “service sector”, this means businesses and organizations like restaurants and hotels, simply because the people who work in hotels and restaurants serve others. These two are indeed part of this said division, but truth be told, they are not the only industries that belong to such a sector.

The service sector, which is also called the tertiary sector of the economy, actually consists of numerous industries that include financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies, professional service businesses like law firms and accounting offices, and even schools, which are part of the educational division of this sector. Also part of the service sector is the government, hospitals, stores or retail outlets, and telecommunications companies. In short, any industry that serves the public is part of this particular sector.

This may be the reason why, when you go to the bank to cash a check, or you go and have your car serviced at one of the automobile places near you, you see people who approach you or help you wearing these tags on their uniforms or outfits. These tags can either be pinned onto their clothing, be in the form of identification cards with pictures on them, or be sewn or embroidered on. This basically means that name tags can be made using a wide variety of materials.

The most commonly used material for this particular identification tag is plastic, since it is lightweight, rather durable and easy to mark. There are some tags that are made out of other similarly durable materials though, such as aluminum and stainless steel, and this is simply because the company having these made feel that their name tags should be made with these materials. Others use a combination of both metal and plastic. Some also choose to use wood, if they find that such tags are ideal for their image and their business.

Name tags can also be made to carry different types of information on them. These tags can carry the nickname, full name, or position of the person you are facing. The choice is usually dependent on what the company wants to have on these tags. For example, a mechanic at your local auto shop can have his nickname on their name tag, and a bank teller can have her full name on hers. The choice of what to put is generally left to the organization’s discretion, with some choosing to use a person’s full name to make it sound more formal, and others choose to use nicknames to make these more casual and informal.

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