Different Kinds of Labels and Tags

BY Rowena Taylor

Labels and TagsWhen you need tags and labels for your products, you should be aware of the many options you have for these. Tagging and labeling your items should be done with careful thought and the choice should be ideal not only for you and what you feel is best for your product, but also from a marketing standpoint. Your labels and tags are, after all, what the buyer sees first and what they consult to check for pricing, ingredients, materials used in the product, and other pertinent information.

There are many labels as well as tags that can be used for a wide variety of products and applications, and the choice is often dependent on numerous factors, like what the product is, what it will be exposed to, what the tag is for, and so on. These tags can be made using a wide variety of materials as well – from cardboard to paper to plastic to metal – and the choice of material is also dependent on where these tags are to be used on as well as what exposure it will have to face. In short, there are a lot of things to consider when you are thinking of having tags and labels crafted for your needs.

To give you an idea as to what kinds of labels and tags you might want to consider for your requirements, here are some examples:

Vinyl labels – these are durable labels that can be used for numerous applications. You can use these to mark vehicles with, when you need to tag items with a label that does not look like a sticker, and when you need to create corporate giveaways. These labels can be made in varying sizes and can be cut to your specifications. These can also be printed in color, making it a great option for tagging and labeling.

Domed labels – you can find these attached to items like appliances, vehicles and equipment that will be exposed to the elements. The choice of using this particular tag comes with its versatility, durability and its ability to attract the attention of people due to its 3-dimensional look. The domed part of this tag is brought about by the use of a clear urethane substance that is carefully applied to the printed tag, giving this particular label the 3D look it has.

Aluminum foil labels – if you want your labels to have a metallic look yet do not want to use thick metal tags for your marking needs, your next best option is aluminum foil labels. These are still technically metal tags, only in a very thin form. You can use these on applications where heat, chemicals, grime and dirt, as well as other harsh conditions are present. These are attached to items via adhesives, whereas their thicker counterparts need to be attached to items with the use of rivets or screws (although there are heavy duty adhesives that can be used with these metal tags as well).

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