Different Kinds of Labels and Stickers Businesses Use

Labels and Stickers

You may not realize it but businesses everywhere rely on labels and stickers for a number of things. Self-adhesive labels come in many forms and guises, hence the numerous ways people can utilize them. Since these are also very convenient to use due to the fact that these do not need separate adhesives to make them stick to a surface, these are viewed as ideal tools for a number of purposes.

Labels and stickers are used for marketing, advertising, inventory purposes, asset management and even for instructional reasons. To give you a primer on where these can be used, here are some examples:

  • Safety and Warning – labels and stickers can be used to warn people of dangers and hazards that come with operating machinery, using equipment and getting close to certain apparatus. Some of the stickers you may be familiar with include electrical hazard labels and slip & fall labels. These are often attached to these hazardous equipment in an area that is highly visible and these use internationally recognized symbols and pictograms to make the warnings easier to understand.
  • Inventory tracking and Asset managementlabels with barcodes are often used for this purpose. Companies that either sell products or have a lot of items that need to be tracked often use these stickers and labels. Using barcodes on these self-adhesive tags often make tracking of assets and products easier since each barcode carries a wealth of information about the item it is placed on. A simple scan of these tags with the use of a portable scanner will show the person what the item is, when it was obtained and other important info about it.
  • Theft prevention – some companies use labels and tags to help keep people from making away with items that belong to the company and they do so by using destructible labels or tamper proof tags. These types of stickers leave behind telltale signs of tampering and removal since these stickers break apart when removal is attempted.
  • Branding – labels are also used for branding items. Companies often use labels that are durable and can be manufactured in full color, like Lexan labels or domed labels, for this purpose. These are often attached to products after the items are manufactured or before these are shipped out to retailers. The kind of label a company chooses for their branding needs often depend on what kind of image they want to project as well as what kind of product the sticker is to go on.