Different Kinds of Label Tags that You Can Use for Branding

Labels Tags

What some people may not realize is that label tags serve a higher purpose than just to show people what brand a product belongs to. These labels or tags are actually used to help entice customers to check out the product it is attached to and, subsequently, to buy products made by that particular brand. This is why great care is often taken by businesses when it comes to designing and creating of such tags.

If you are running a business and you do not know what kinds of label tags you can use for your product, it might be a good idea for you to do a bit of research regarding your target market as well as what kinds of labels or tags will go well with your product. There are a lot of label types that can be used for a wide variety of products and what you decide on can have an impact on how well your products do in the market. Sometimes, a label can mean the difference between a customer getting your item or a rival company’s item.

With that said, here are a number of label types that are often used for branding and marketing purposes:

-      Domed Labels – you may have seen these kinds of labels used on kitchen appliances, motorcycles and electronics. These are often chosen by manufacturers of these products for their branding and labeling purposes because of its durability as well as its eye-catching quality. Since labels that are made using this particular manufacturing process ends up with a 3-dimensional look, these are also used for display stands, special labeling needs and even for sticker giveaways.

-      Aluminum Foil Labels – these are made with thin sheets of aluminum foil and are also used for items that are either exposed to the elements or to harsh conditions. Appliances, electronics, machinery and other similar products may find themselves tagged with labels made with aluminum foil. Since this particular material can come in a wide variety of thicknesses, these can be seen used on a wide spectrum of products as well. These can be attached to products with the use of a self adhesive, with rivets or with screws, depending on how thick these labels are.

-      Lexan Polycarbonate Labelslabels that are made with Lexan (polycarbonate) are highly durable and flexible, making them ideal for use with LED displays and for tooling purposes. These are not ideal for use with items that are exposed to the elements, which is why these labels can only be used indoors. These labels can carry graphics and messages that cannot be rubbed off, so these are often seen as ideal for use with products that are constantly being handled, like control panels, microphones and other similar items.