Destructible Vinyl Labels or Tamper-Evident Labels: Which Should You Use?

Destructible Vinyl Labels

When you are trying to protect your assets from theft, two of the tags that are often used to help deter such occurrences are tamper evident labels and destructible vinyl labels. While some people think that these two are the same or are actually one product, the truth is, these are actually two different labels that serve the same purpose but are built differently. What exactly do these two have in common and what are the differences between these two tags?

If you look closely at the terms used to name these two label types, you will see where the difference actually lies. One of these is destructible and the other is tamper evident. If you are to dissect these terms, you will easily see what each one does and what differentiates them both from one another.

When a destructible label is used on any of your assets, any person who tries to remove it will have a hard time doing so since this particular tag will fall apart when removal is attempted. This tag will need to be removed piece by piece, like a jigsaw puzzle, and attempting to do so will take a long time and won’t even guarantee that all the small pieces can be removed properly.

Destructible Vinyl

When a tamper-evident label is used on an item, it can actually be removed in one movement, with the entire tag coming off once the person starts to peel it off. What the person may not expect however is that these tags actually leave behind a sticky residue and noticeable marks that show an asset tag was once in that spot. These tags either leave behind highly perceptible words that say VOID across the entire area where the tag was once located or stripes that show people a tag was once in that specific spot.

The question as to which tag should you use is a matter of preference. If you want a person to have a hard time removing the tag from your assets, making them think twice about doing so for fear of discovery, then destructible vinyl labels are what you need. If you think that having residue show up clearly on your items once a tag is removed will help prevent theft in your office, then tamper evident labels is your tag of choice. Whatever you choose however, is still a wise move since both of these will indeed make thieves think twice before making off with anything that your company owns.