Designing a Unique Decorative Piece for Your Home Using Old Embossed Metal Plates

Embossed Metal Plate Project

Did you know that you can actually create unique pieces of furniture for your home with the use of embossed metal plates and some old stuff you have lying around your house? If you are into the shabby-chic kind of home décor and furnishings, then this project is for you. What you will need are a few old embossed metal plates that you have at home, an old suitcase or crate, and a glue gun.

You can also use new embossed plates that you can buy or order online, or find in garage sales and thrift stores around you. You can also check Ebay for sellers who have huge stocks of old embossed license plates that you can buy, or sets of vintage embossed metal plates that you can get for cheap. You can also start collecting such metal tags for such a project from friends, family, and when you purchase items that come with these tags.

What you will need to do first is to clean the base material that will be used for this project. If you need to sand off the crate, table, or suitcase that is to serve as the base for your embossed metal plate decorative piece, then sand it off. You can also apply a light coat of varnish on it to seal off any porous surfaces. This is to help make the plates stick better to the item.

If you are using old plates that you got from a garage sale, or some that you have collected over time have become tarnished or less than presentable, clean these up and fix them if you can before using them. If you need to repaint some of these to make them more appealing, you can do so. Some people however choose to use these as is to help add to the vintage look of the piece.

Next take your embossed plates and arrange them on the item that you are to decorate with these. Try to ensure that there are no bare spaces when you plot your design and make sure that the color combinations, shapes, and sizes of the plates complement each other perfectly. Starting from the middle and working outwards, stick your embossed plates onto your item with the use of a glue gun. Make sure that your plates have properly adhered to the item before you add the next one.

Once you are done with the attaching of the plates, check to see if there are loose corners and other areas that need to be fixed. If you used an old suitcase, you can use this as a decorative piece for your den or living room. An old crate covered with these plates can be used as a coffee table or end table. Just put a clear glass top on it, and you have a unique and one-of-a-kind piece of furniture.

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