Designing Your Serial Plates for Maximum Usability

Serial PlatesHow do you design serial plates for your business with maximum usability in mind? It is not as simple as some people may think, but then again, it can be as well, depending on what your goals are in terms of these metal nameplates. What are these plates generally for when it comes to your business? What should you put on these plates to benefit your business and to help you with what these plates are for?

Serial plates, or model and serial number plates as these are sometimes called, are actually employed by businesses to help them with tracking and inventory purposes. This is the primary purpose of such plates. There are secondary purposes for these plates as well, and these include advertising and marketing, troubleshooting, and even for information purposes.

For maximum usability, you will need to design your plates according to what your products require of these. Are these for mere tracking and inventory purposes or are you thinking of using these for branding and information needs as well? This is where your nameplate’s size and design comes in.

If you are to use these plates for simple tracking and inventory needs, a small plate that has spaces for model and serial numbers plus company name and contact information, is probably all you need. If these are for branding as well, then you might do well to get a bigger plate that can carry a rather sizable and noticeable version of your company name and/or logo, plus the other necessary information required on these plates for tracking and inventory needs. What you are planning on putting on these plates will eventually dictate what size plate you need.

If you are thinking of putting in a lot of information on these tags, like product information, pricing, and such, then your most likely move would be to incorporate a barcode into the design. You can use this to hold information that you don’t really need people to have access to off the bat, and have the information that they do need in an alphanumeric format. Some of the information that you should not “hide” in a barcode include usage instructions, voltage requirements, safety notices, and the serial plus model number of the item.

The shape of your plates, on the other hand, will depend on what your product is and what impact you want your metal nameplates to have. If these are to be used as a marketing and branding tool as well, it might be a good idea to go beyond the usual rectangular or square shapes that are used for these things. If you do not want these plates to become somewhat convoluted in its purpose, then a simple plate with the basics should suffice.

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