Decorative Trim Plates and the Many Uses These Can Have

Decorative Trim PlatesWhen you talk about decorative trim plates, or even search for these online, chances are you will find images and sites that show you those ceramic ones used usually for eating. While these are still called by some by the same name, these are actually just decorative plates. What we mean by decorative trim plates here are metal nameplates that carry not only decorative elements, as the name implies, but also advertising and marketing elements that can benefit your company.

Of course, while these metal nameplates are generally used for these purposes, these are not the only reasons these are used for. Since these plates can be customized to suit whatever needs you might have there are many things you can do with these metal plates. To help you see the possibilities, here are some radical ideas for the use of decorative trim plates:

Advertising Bookmarkers – you can make metal bookmarkers out of these plates easily since these can be shaped any which way you want. You simply need to design these effectively to serve your purpose. Some of the things you can put on these plates include your company’s logo, company name, contact information and your slogan. If you have a special event or a promotion going on, you can also add details about this on your bookmarkers.

Metal Coasters – simply add felt under the square, round or oval plates that are big enough to be placed under glasses or mugs and you have an advertising coaster made out of metal. As with bookmarkers, you can add certain company information you want on these metal plates, such as your company logo, an image of your company mascot and even special happenings like your company anniversary or launching of a new product or service. These can also be packaged in boxes that can be given out as special giveaways during the holiday season or during special events like company parties and anniversary celebrations.

Bag Tags – create tags that have empty spaces people can fill in with their personal information and with the other side carrying your company’s logo, name and contact information. This kind of a tag can be used on backpacks, luggage and carrying cases for various items. People will be enticed to use these since these tags do have a significant purpose for the person receiving them, and that is to label their bags with their personal information. Since these decorative trim plates will be carrying your company’s information on the other side, it will give you a forum for advertising your company and will help increase brand recognition and familiarity.

Metal Business Cards – ever think that business cards should be more durable and longer lasting? Using thin metal like aluminum or stainless steel sheets is actually a good idea if you want your business cards to last long and to be remembered by the people you hand them to. You can print just about anything on these cards, such as your usual contact information or even special slogans and sayings that make people want to keep your cards.

These are but a few of the ideas you can consider using decorative trim plates for. Some other applications that people have chosen to use such plates for include tags for their products, labels for their items and even company tags on souvenirs. You can easily customize these according to your needs and use various printing methods available to you to do so.

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