Customization Options for Scales and Dials

Scales and Dials

You may have seen online stores mentioning that they can customize scales and dials for your specific needs. You may be wondering what kind of customization you can do with such an option. Here are some of the options you have when you need to create custom dials and scales for your business:

Colors – you can customize the colors that you use on your scales and dials according to what you want. You can also customize this according to the safety zones that you need these to have. For example, if the dials or scales you are using or manufacturing have a lower safety level as compared to others, you can customize these to show in a color that depicts safety, like green. The area that indicates dangerous levels can be in red or some other color that indicates high heat or danger.

Wordings – you can also customize what is written on these dials and scales. You can put on these plates what these scales or dials are for, what to look out for, danger levels and the like. You can also put in instructions about how to read the levels on these dials and scales, what certain levels mean and what should be avoided when using the equipment these scales and dials are used on.

Number of Scales – you can also increase the number of scales on these dials if you need to. Some dials can carry around one or two scales, while a few can carry up to four scales on them. The choices usually depend on what these dials are to be used for as well as your preference.

Special Markings and Legends – you can also customize the numbers and marks of your scales according to what you need. The numbers can be customized according to what you require, with numbers that can be as high or as low as you want. These can be scales of 10s, 100s or 1000s increments.

Logos and Company Names – you can integrate your company’s logo and name into these scales and dials. You can also integrate special graphics and your company’s address into these, if you require these to be on there. Contact information can also be added to these if there is still space for such information to be added to your dials and scales.