Customization Options for Model and Serial Plates

Model and Serial Plates

Ordering model and serial plates for your business means that you need to have a method for keeping track of your products even when these are already with your customers. This is for troubleshooting purposes as well as for warranty needs. You will need to have these model and serial plates on your products to help you easily find the parts that are needed for repairs or to find the records that will show whether the warranty on these items is still active or not.

When you order your model and serial plates, you will be able to customize these to fit your very specific needs. There are areas that you can leave blank, which you can later stamp with the right model and serial numbers or codes that you have. For you to be able to do this, you will need to have a hand marking tool on the ready for such a task.

These marking plates can also come with all areas filled out, if that is what you want, although more often than not, companies choose to only have copy written on a few areas of these tags, with areas that need to be filled in left blank. To help you understand what exactly you can customize on your model and serial plates, here are some examples:

  • Company name and Logo – you can have your company name and logo added to your plates for people to easily identify what company manufactured the item they just bought or are thinking of buying. This can be placed anywhere on your tags, depending on how you design your serial tags. If you choose, you can have your brand added to this tag instead of your company name, if you have a variety of brands under your company’s care.
  • Contact information – you can also add your contact information to these tags. Most companies choose to do this so that when the need for troubleshooting, returns or repairs are on hand, the customer can easily get in touch with the company for such an endeavor. Contact information on your tags can include your physical address, website, email address, phone number or all of these.
  • Liability Information – some tags can carry detailed information regarding what can and cannot be covered by a warranty or a guarantee. Some of these can be pretty detailed while others can simply tell you to check your manual or documentation that comes with the product for the detailed liability information.
  • Blank areas for stamped in details – these tags can carry quite a few blank areas that you will need to stamp in with alphanumeric details. These include date manufactured, serial number or code, and model number or code.

These are but a few of the customizable options on your model and serial plates. You can choose to add more information or copy on your tags, depending on what else you need your consumers to know about your products. Some companies add in wattage and voltage information, while still a few more add technical information that can help the user determine what to do with the item.