Customization Options You Have for Barcode and UID Plates

Barcodes and UID Plates

When you order barcodes and UID plates  for your business, it is but natural that you get unique codes for these tags in order for you to be able to effectively keep track of the items these are used on. As such, this means that these machine readable codes are customizable along with the other parts of these plates. What other parts of your inventory plates are customizable? Here are some of them:

-      Location of the barcode or UII – the UII (Unique Item Identifier) or barcode you choose to use for your plates can be placed anywhere you want when you customize these. You can put these on the upper left, upper right, lower left, or lower right corners of your plates. Depending as well on the shape of your barcodes and UID plates, you can put these on the top, bottom, left or right of such plates.  You can even choose to put this right in the very middle of your plates if you feel it is the best place for this to be in.

-      Size of your barcode or UII – aside from customizing the location of your coded information carriers (the UII or barcode), you can also resize these to fit your plates perfectly. If you want to increase or decrease the size of these coded symbols, you can do so. You can make these as big as you want to fit the entire plate or small enough to be squeezed into one small corner of your tag.

-      Copy and design – when you order your metal tags, you will need to provide the manufacturer with whatever information you want to put on these tags. This will include whatever copy you want printed on them and in what font the copy is to be in. Some of the usual information that clients usually have printed on these barcode and UID plates include the company name, company logo, address, contact information and website address. Some companies also have blank spaces added for the addition of stamped information like item production date and serial number.

-      Adhesive and mounting – you will also be given the chance to choose what kind of adhesive will go in the back of these plates. You will need to choose which adhesive goes best with the kind of use you will have for these plates. Choosing the wrong kind of adhesive will leave you with a plate that may fall off from where it is attached sooner than expected.