Custom Tags: Different Ways to Customize Them

Custom TagsCustom Tags are popular because they showcase a business’ creativity and unique branding. These custom tags help the company stand out against competitors and attract potential customers.

Here are some ways on how to customize your tags:

Mobile QR Code – QR code is a creative twist you can add to your custom tags’ design. Quick Response codes were created by Denso Wave in 1994 mainly for industrial applications, specifically to assist tracking for vehicle and parts. Now, they are popping up literally everywhere and are extraordinarily used in marketing and branding.

There is an increasing and massive trend in its application. They are so popular that almost all products you see have these unusual-looking boxes of codes on it. This paper-based hyperlink allows customers to connect to the company’s or product’s online site by just scanning the code with a phone equipped with a camera.

 Instead of typing the whole text or sentence, a quick scan of the code will direct the customer to the product’s page and get all the info they may need. It is a fast and convenient way to connect to any product online.

CMYK Colours – When designing your custom tags, colour choice is very essential. it is recommended to use CMYK colour mode to produce full-colour graphics and images. CMYK, also known as process colour, builds colour by mixing layers of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black ink. CMYK produces more photographic images than RGB colour mode. A full-colour design on your custom tag can help your product stand out on the shelf.

Company/Brand Logo – A company’s logo provides an instant brand recognition of it services and products. It is the perfect graphical representation of your company on your custom tag. More likely than not, as customers grow to trust your company, they will have an optimistic response to succeeding encounters with your logo. This may lead to potential increase in sales or improved perception within the target market.

To highlight it, place the logo where it is most prominent and produce the image with higher resolution. If your logo is too small, it will make your brand unnoticeable. If it is too big, it may obscure the overall design of your custom tag.

The ideal places you can put your logo are at the top and side of the label design. The logo will be visible and the customers are most likely to see it. You may also use it as a background, you just need to ensure that the text printed on the tag is visible and readable.

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