Custom Tags: What Can be Customized on These?

Custom Tags

Thinking of having custom tags made but do not know what you can actually customize on these? Well, when customizing tags, you should know that most everything on it is customizable. This means, you can have a custom tag created using any type of material available on the manufacturer’s list and to carry any information you want, as long as it can fit on the tag that you choose to have crafted.

To further help you understand what exactly are customizable with these tags, here are some of the customizable elements of these items:

  • Size – your tag can be as small as you want it or as big as you need it, however the size you choose should be within reasonable sizing options for custom tags. Some manufacturers have specific sizes that you can choose from while others allow you to totally customize the size of your custom tag. You may need to ask your manufacturer about size limitations, if there are any that is.
  • Shape – tags can also be made to hold any shape, as long as your tag maker has the equipment for creating tags that are not in the usual rectangular or square shape. The shape of your tag may also depend on what kind of material you choose and the thickness as well as the hardness of the material selected. Most modern day tag makers can create the kind of tags that you want in any shape you need however due to technological advances in manufacturing processes.
  • Color/s – your tags can have prints in any color, if the manufacturer also has the many different marking and printing procedures that help make this a possibility. Color combinations, multi-color prints, graphics and such can all be had on your custom tags.
  • Content – what you put on your tags can also be customized according to what you want. Need to have your logo put on your tags? That can be done. Need to have your company’s contact information on these tags? That can be done to. The content of your tags can be tweaked according to what you want and need, with limitations being set by the manufacturer only if they have certain restrictions set in place or they do not have certain equipment needed to create the kind of tag content you require.