Custom Tags: Using Metal Nameplates for Non-business Purposes

BY Rowena Taylor

Custom Tags

More often than not, when people have custom tags made, it is for business reasons. Did you know however that these tags can actually be used for more than just business? Did you know that due to the total customization of these metal nameplates that you can actually have these made for other non-business uses?

Since metal nameplates can be customized any which way you want (depending on which manufacturer you choose to go with, that is), you can actually have these made for use with anything you wish to use these on. You can have custom metal nameplates made for house’s address plate; you can have these customized to carry your last name for adhesion to your mailbox; you can even have these made to carry your club’s name and have this plate attached to the door of your clubhouse.

Choosing to use metal tags for whatever purposes you may seem to have is a good idea since these tags are highly durable and can last a very long time, making them very cost effective and easy on the pocket. Of course, before you go and order a plate to be made for your home or for a special purpose, you need to ask your favorite metal nameplate manufacturer if they can accommodate such a request. Not that many nameplate makers allow special orders after all.

Some companies that specialize in the creation of a wide variety of custom metal nameplates often have manufacturing methods that are great for non-business purposes. For example, those that carry etched metal plaques and plates on their catalog can easily create customized metal portraits for you, should you desire to have one made for that special someone in your life. Need to have a metal family portrait with a family tree underneath? You can have this made with the help of a company that has etching and photosensitizing on their list of manufacturing mediums.

There are many ways metal nameplates can be used for non-business needs. Aside from the aforementioned portrait and image creation methods that work on metal, you can also choose to have these same methods used to create decorative plates that can be used as artwork in your home. Have unique etchings or prints made on metal plates of different colors, sizes and shapes, then hang these all over your home, giving your abode a unique take on modern art. You can even give these unique metal “paintings” to special personages that you feel will appreciate such artwork and will enjoy having these decorate their homes and offices.

There are many non-business uses for these custom tags, and you can always find many ways of using these. Another example is for your family events and outings. If you need to create unique medals and awards for your annual family sports fest, or prizes for your family reunion games, you can do so with customized metal tags. You can have funny awards created for plaques, special badges and medals made for sporting events, and even special nameplates made for different divisions of the family. You can also have metal family trees crafted for each individual family that attends, as well as name tags that they can pin to their shirts when they arrive for ease of remembering each other’s names.

These are just some of the non-business ideas that can be used with these custom tags. Do you have other ideas that you feel would be great with such metal tags?

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