Custom Products You Can Make With Decorative Trim Plates

Etched MetalDid you know that you can actually manufacture custom products with the use of generic items and some customized decorative trim plates? You can actually order brandless items from manufacturers, or create these yourself, and add decorative plates to them to make these more appealing and unique looking. You can even have your own brand made using metal tags and attach these to items you have made for your business, and you can either sell these or give these out as promotional items.

Whatever your purpose may be for these tags, you can be sure that these can open up a world of possibilities, as long as you let your imagination take over. Here are some ideas that you might want to try:

Custom decorated hobby boxes – you can have wooden boxes made in any size and shape. Some can be square or dice shaped, some can be flat and rectangular like a necklace box, and some can be as big as a shoe box. These wooden boxes can then be painted over then decorated with the help of decorative trim plates. These plates can be made in triangular shapes with embossed designs on them, then these can be attached to the corners of the box’s lids as decorative accents. For smaller boxes, these can cover the entire top, with the metal plate carrying either an embossed or etched design.

Custom pen holders – this can be done the same way as the hobby boxes, but instead of using thick metal sheets, you can use thin aluminum sheets that you can easily curve around these cylindrical shaped pen holders. You can use hollowed out bamboo pieces, plastic cups, PVC pipes, or even carved wooden cylinders for this project. Simply curve the decorative trim plate around the item and secure with heavy duty adhesives.

Decorative paper weights – you can actually make paperweights out of a slab of glass and a decorative trim plate. Simply attach the plate to the top of the glass slab, and voila. You now have a decorative paper weight. You can even use other items like a brick, a heavy piece of wood, or a metal slab for such a project. The decorative trim plate you choose can have etched, embossed, or engraved designs on it. This can also be made to look like an antique with the use of chemicals. For antique looking decorative plates, the ideal metal choice would be brass or bronze, since these look like antiques when aged with chemicals.

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