Custom Products Using Decorative Trim Plates: Yay or Nay?

decorative trim platesThere are many things you can do with decorative trim plates and one idea that you can utilize for these is the creation of custom products for your business. Customized products that come with metal nameplates crafted specifically for such a purpose can be used in many different ways, although the most popular use would be for giveaways and promotional uses. These custom products can be made out of these plates or these plates can be used to mark these products.

Some of the ideas that people gravitate towards when it comes to custom items that come with these plates include the following:

Custom magnets – this is probably one of the easiest custom products to make using decorative trim plates, and this is primarily because all you need is the plate, a magnet, and some adhesive. You can even make this on your own with the custom plate you ordered, and some glue to stick these to the magnets that you can buy from a supplier or online.

Custom keychains – another easy to make product using decorative trim plates, custom keychains can be made with a custom metal nameplate, a drilled hole, and a keychain attachment. This can also be made using domed labels since these have a smooth surface and an attractive 3-dimensional look. You can have your plates domed by the same manufacturer that made these and you can also ask them to drill a hole for the keychain attachment.

Custom cigar boxes – these can be made using cardboard boxes, paper mache boxes, and even wooden boxes. All you need to do is to attach the custom decorative plate to the box that you choose and these can be used to store cigars in. An alternate option that can use the same box types and the same concept is a jewelry box. You can also use this idea for gift boxes, souvenir boxes, and even potpourri boxes.

Custom desk organizers – also a great idea for giveaways and corporate gifts that your company can make on its own with the use of pre-ordered decorative metal plates is custom office ware. Desk organizers, pencil holders, business card holders, and even leather bound portfolios can be made into corporate giveaways with the use of metal tags that are glued to these products.

These are just a few of the things you can make for your business using decorative trim plates. As to the question of whether these custom products are a good idea for your business, if you need to make giveaways or souvenirs on the fly, having these metal plates on hand can be helpful. You will simply need to purchase the items that you need to customize and you can now create such custom products for your gift giving needs.

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