Creative Finishes for Decorative Trim Plates

Decorative Trim Plates

As the name implies, decorative trim plates are commonly used for ornamental purposes. These can be used on almost any product such as jewelry boxes, phone cases, pencil holders or automotive trim and the like. These plates are engineered and designed for customization to meet your specific needs. They enhance the overall appearance of any item by adding a creative layer of visual or tactile flair to your product.

Choosing a specific design to complement your product may be overwhelming because of the numerous design options available to you. To make this process easier, here are some creative designs and finishes to help you gain inspiration:

    1. Three Dimensional - Three dimensional finishes will take your decorative trim plates’ design to the next level. You will find this finish used in sporting equipment, interior automotive trim and medical device nameplates.
    2. Patina - Patina finishes create an antique character and artistic sophistication layer to your decorative trim plate. The design is achieved by applying chemicals to the metal surface, the reaction from the metal and solvent produces the patina finish.
    3. Bead Blasted Metal - Another interesting finish to accentuate your decorative trim plate is bead blasted metal finish. This is not only used on trim plates, you can also find this on various products such as glass, sporting equipment, firearms and kitchen tools. The finish is achieved by applying beads under high pressure. This technique results to a uniform surface texture. To take your design to another level, transparent tints of color can be added.
    4. Color Accent – If you think your decorative trim plate is still lacking the oomph it needs, the missing aesthetic piece maybe an accent color. Contrasting colors are used to make details you want to highlight become more eye-catching. An accent color can help make specific parts of your metal plate appear different, thereby making people look closer or pay more attention to it.
    5. Etched Pattern – Etching is popular because of the sophistication it gives any surface. Etched designs such as bold graphics, solid patterns, or even a combination of shapes and lines not only enhance the appearance of your trim plates, but also provide a distinct tactile experience.
    6. Plating – Plating not only offers protection from corrosion, but it also improves the look of your trim plates. There are several methods and metals used in plating depending on the surface covering. The most common plating options are gold, silver, tin and copper.

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