Creating a Checklist for Choosing Features for Your Inventory and Asset Tags

Inventory and Asset Tags

Having inventory and asset tags made for your business is actually an easy thing to do, if you already know what you want and need. If you are unsure of what your tags should carry, what these should be made of, and other details, then you should figure these out before you contact a manufacturer with your tag and label needs. To ensure that you do get what you want and require for your business in terms of asset tags and inventory labels, you should put together a list of features that your tags may need.

If you have various requirements for your tagging needs, then you should create a list of the many different tags that you will have made along with the features these should have. To make it easier, you should create categories for each kind of tag. For example, create categories for heavy equipment, office equipment, small items, consumables, and so on. Each type of item will need either a different kind of tag, or a different colored one, in order to make it easier for your company to keep track of assets.

When you put together your checklist, you should always think about the main purpose of your tags. Are these all for tracking and inventory purposes, or do these tags have other uses? Would you like your tags to be a deterrent for theft as well? How about having features that allow for easy tracking and inventory checking? Should these be big enough to carry empty spaces for you to write on or should your tags be made small enough to simply carry sparse information?

Create a list of the things that you want specific tags to have, like barcodes, empty spaces for writing on, your company logo, company name, and so on. You can then create different kinds of tags with the use of the various elements that you have listed down, and you can put these elements under the specific tag that you want to have made.

For example, if you want to have tags made for your in-office equipment, which are assigned to various personnel who work for you, you can call these in-office inventory and asset tags. These can have features such as barcodes, empty spaces for writing things down on (like the employee number or last name of the person the item is assigned to), your company name and logo, and a space for the date when the item was assigned to a person. These can be made using destructible vinyl to help discourage theft.

You can make a different combination for other tags that your business needs – metal inventory tags for items that are exposed to harsh conditions, bigger tags for equipment that are to have a maintenance schedule, and so on. You can also color code these tags to make them easier to discern To find out more about the many tags that you can use for your inventory and asset tracking needs, do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to help you.

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